3:27 AM   09/22/18

Same-Sex Marriages


Committment Ceremony on the beautiful beaches of Ft. Lauderdale, the Palm Beaches, and the Treasure Coast.

Commitment Ceremony: Affirming Your Love

Affirming your love for your partner in a commitment ceremony is just as important and memorable as a marriage ceremony. A commitment ceremony is the perfect fit for many couples who choose not to, or cannot, legally marry. The same traditional wedding customs are offered, but what is so enticing about a commitment ceremony is the creative license you have. The commitment ceremony is the perfect time to completely customize your union through unique rituals that define you and your partner’s relationship.

Love has no boundaries. You have fallen in love with the perfect person for you. Love should be celebrated, not shunned. Surprise your family and your partner with a commitment ceremony on one of Florida’s spectacular beaches. For some couples, marriage is simply not an option; and until it is, commit yourself to your partner through a commitment ceremony. These ceremonies offer the same customs, décor, and variety as a beach wedding. You may choose to commit your love to one another in a more intimate exchange, or you may want to invite your families together to witness your exchange of loving vows. Either way, you will be sure to find the perfect location and package with Wedding Bells and SeaShells.

Celebrate your love by committing to one another on Florida’s coast. This affirmation of your love is going to represent the love and strength in your relationship. Having a commitment ceremony is a romantic way to show your partner how much your love means to you and the path you will continue to take together. Let Wedding Bells and SeaShells help you plan this beautiful union.