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5:03 AM   11/21/17

Same-Sex Wedding

Top 5 Tips for Planning Your Same-Sex Beach Wedding

Wedding Bells and SeaShells is proud to have strongly supported marriage equality for the LGBTQ community since we were founded. Here are our favorite 5 tips to planning a same-sex beach wedding.


1). Plan a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are a fun way to celebrate your marriage, while enjoying a few days of R&R at the same time. Friends and family alike will want to travel with you for your special day. South Florida has gorgeous beaches, nightlife, and all the activities to suit your guests young or old. Whether you want to live it up in posh and trendy South Beach, Miami, keep it laid back and relaxing in Delray Beach, or enjoy the best of everything in Fort Lauderdale, this is the place to be.

2). Buck the Old Traditions

Traditions are wonderful but, don’t worry about trying to make your ceremony fit with the old school traditions. Here is your chance to make it your own, without any of the old-time restrictions. Here are some fun ideas to make your same-sex wedding your own:

  • Escort each other down the aisle, holding hands or arm in arm; 
  • Walk in unison down two separate aisles leading to the arbor; 
  • Or flip a coin before the ceremony to decide who proceeds down the aisle first.

3). Write Your Own Vows

This is your moment to proclaim your love and solidify it in the eyes of your loved ones. Take the time to write your own vows to each other. Don’t wait to the last moment. Start writing little bits as it comes to you. (I recommend starting a memo on your smartphone). Include what makes you laugh, what makes you cry, and your wishes for the future. Keep in mind the vows should be less than 2 minutes long. You don’t want your guests or partner’s eyes to gaze over as you recite the 501 things you love about them.


4). Create a Wedding that is a Reflection of Your Love

You have the opportunity to reinvent what a wedding means to you both and what a same-sex wedding looks and feels like. We’ve performed hundreds of ceremonies and the key to making the ceremony memorable is allowing the guests to see your personality and your love for one another shine. Two brides met in a basketball league, so they held their wedding on a beachfront basketball court. It was fun, quirky, and unique. As they walked down the aisle after I Do’s–the guests toss mini blow up basketballs over them for a wildly fun picture!

5). Take the Guesswork Out – Make Seating Easy for Your Guests Choose a Seat, Not a Side Wedding-sign-pick-a-seat-same-sex

For many reasons, a lot of couples don’t want to separate their friends and family based on who knows who and, in an LGBT wedding, it just doesn’t make sense. So place a sign at the entrance letting all your guests know there aren’t any sides to choose at your ceremony. This is about love and coming together as a new family.

In conclusion, if you would like us to be apart of your special day, please visit our Build Your Own Package to start customizing your Beach Wedding Today!