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Deerfield Beach Wedding

Deerfield Beach Weddings Deliver Big Blue Waves On Your Big Day.

Deerfield Beach is famous for the “blue waves” that are seen off its coastline.  North of Fort Lauderdale and just South of Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach is unique in that they allow weddings on their wide boardwalk overlooking the majestic Atlantic Ocean.  You and your wedding guests will love ease and accessibility of necessary facilities on big day. Nearby hotels make travel to your Deerfield Beach Wedding a breeze.

The boardwalk is an excellent feature to make your beach wedding a breeze. High heels….no problem on this beautiful beach. You still have all the coastal charm while keeping that laid-back feel of a beach wedding without any hassle.

There are an abundance of activities to do on Deerfield Beach–surfing, beach volleyball, and also couples strolling the beach hand in hand. If you are dreaming of a getaway wedding or destination vow renewal where your guests can share in the carefree vacation mindset; Deerfield Beach never has a shortage of seaside fun. The city does require a permit and has a couple of restrictions, but it is definitely one of our favorite locations.


The Most Popular Deerfield Beach Wedding Location

The 9th street boardwalk has a great amount of space for up to 75 guests. It is the larger of the two boardwalks. It has a gorgeous view of the ocean and rocks. This location is best for most wedding parties. All of our decorations and setups are useable on the boardwalks. The wedding ceremony has to take place on the boardwalk, but pictures can be taken down on the beach and rocks. 

Deerfield Beach Wedding Pictures

Wide beach, the blue waves, and a warm sun breeze will enhance your dream day.  In Conclusion Wedding Bells and Sea Shells will make your Deerfield Beach Wedding unforgettable.

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