Florida Beach Weddings

What are the best locations for Florida Beach Weddings?

Here is some basic information about choosing the best area for your destination Florida beach wedding!

There is a lot to consider if you are thinking about or know you want to be married on one of the many beautiful beaches of Florida.  Literally, there is just so much to consider.  Links for amazing destination wedding planners will be listed for each area at the bottom. So, hopefully, let this information help guide you in choosing what might be the best area for your Florida Beach Weddings.

Which area is best for you?

Take into consideration what you value the most.  What is it that means the most to you in choosing the best area for Florida Beach Weddings?  Is it the actual beach?  Sunsets?  The city, town, or nightlife?  There really is a lot to consider.  But there are some constants throughout all areas of Florida that might help make the decision-making process easier.  We will take a look at some if not most of the most popular items but we would never be able to cover them all, at least not in this blog.

What is going to be similar along most Florida beaches?

You are going to find great hotels and resorts everywhere throughout all Florida’s coastline.  So, that’s easy.  The trick will be finding the right one that fits your style, budget, and location preferences.  This is something we can absolutely help you with throughout the Space Coast, Treasure Coast, and South Florida.  Also, most areas will have really good to great restaurants. But if you are a foodie, then some areas are better than others.  There will be lots of suns to spend outside at the pool or the beach, everywhere.  And, whether you are on the Gulf or Atlantic Coasts, plenty of boating available for everyone.  But,  If you grooms out there like to fish or golf, then the type of fish you can go after will vary depending on what coast or area you choose.  And the golfing options are great everywhere.  But, if there is a particular course you have always wanted to play, maybe look in that vicinity for a great beach for your wedding.

Atlantic Coast vs South Florida

Florida has over 800 miles of coastline.  On the east coast along the Atlantic Ocean, the beaches do vary from the north and central region down through South Florida.  The beaches and coastline are generally more gradual the further north you go.  The beaches along South Florida will be softer with some white sandy areas and will generally have more options for resorts, especially high-end, 4/5* resorts, along the ocean.  If you want a small-town feel and not the glitzy glamour of the big cities, there are plenty of options throughout the central Atlantic Coast as well. 

The bigger cities with great beaches along the Atlantic Coast will be Jacksonville Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and the Miami beaches.  However, if celebrating with your friends and family, before and after you say your I do’s, is high on your list of criteria, then Miami Beach is the spot for you.  Though the other bigger cities throughout Florida will have great restaurants and bars, nothing really compares to the internaitonally flair of all the Miami Beach has to offer.  It is world renowned for the beaches, for the nightlife, for the restaurants, and especially for the people.

With so many great options along the Atlantic Coast it will be hard to choose.  If you need any help at all or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.  Our team of experienced and knoweldgeable wedding planners will point you in the right direction.

Florida Panhandle Beaches

You are not going to find more private white sand beaches anywhere else in the contiguous United States than along Florida’s panhandle.  With some breathtaking beaches from Pensacola through Panama City and east, there are some beautiful quaint small towns that are perfect for destination beach weddings.  If you are truly looking for a budget-friendly, low-key environment, this is the area for you.  The white sandy beaches are amazing.  The sunsets are amazing.  The combination of white sandy beaches with sunsets is… you guessed it! Amazing!!!

Tampa – St. Petersburg Area

Very similar to South Florida, this area is much more developed and has wonderful resorts along the beach.  You can find budget friendly oceanfront resorts all the up to your 5*.  But this area, similar to the panhandle beaches, does have some great white sandy beaches that are just perfect for your Florida destination beach wedding.

Souther Gulf Coast and South West Florida

Again, amazing white sandy beaches with amazing sunsets, what else could you want.  Some of the best white sand beaches in the word are in South West Florida.  There are lots of great options for budget friendly accomodations along with high end resorts, there is something for everyone.  The calming waves of the Gulf Coast with the white sands at sunset, make this area very desirable for Florida Beach Weddings.

Need a little help?  Have a question about whcih area is best for you?

Florida literally has the perfect beach for anyone.  So, if you ever wanted to get married on the beaches of the beautiful Sunshine State but didn’t know where to begin, just let us know. Here is our network of amazing beach wedding companies that can help you plan your Florida destination beach wedding anywhere in our beloved state.

So, what are you waiting for? 

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