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Plunge Beach Resort Wedding and Reception

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Plunge Beach Resort Beach Wedding and Reception Venue

What if we tell you that there is an amazing, affordable, oceanfront resort where you can do everything! Hey you Brides and Grooms to be, we have the place for you! Do you want a beach ceremony? Want a cocktail party on the beach? What about having your reception on the beach too? You can do it all, for a very affordable price, at the Plunge Beach Resort Wedding venue in Lauderdale by the Sea.

Plan your perfect beach wedding and reception in beautiful Lauderdale by the Sea!

If you are looking for the perfect getaway for an intimate, private, beach wedding and reception, this is it! Plunge Beach Resort Weddings are simply waiting for you. This amazing oceanfront resort is THE perfect venue. The main lobby and private dining area are immersed in a fresh energetic vibe, surrounded by local art. It is as if an iconic venue on South Beach has been transplanted to the quaint laid back town of Lauderdale by the Sea.

You and your guests can stay in the Bungalows section and have a private pool right on the ocean. So, you and all of your family and friends can all stay together during your trip. The oceanfront suites are situated perfectly for getting ready while gazing at the ocean. Then you can walk right out of your rooms onto the private beach for your Plunge Beach Resort Beach Wedding.

Private Beautiful Beach Setting for your Plunge Beach Resort Wedding and Reception!

Plunge Beach Resort Beach Reception!

What also makes Plunge amazing is that you can have your entire event on the beach. Your Plunge Beach Resort Wedding ceremony can be on the beach. Your cocktail hour immediately following the ceremony can be on the beach. Most importantly, you can actually have your reception all on the beach as well. You and your guests can dine in the sand, with the ocean breeze and waves surrounding you. It’s as if you are actually on a tropical island! And again, it is such a private area, it is absolutely perfect!

Plunge Beach Resort Wedding and Beach Reception

Amazing Beach Reception at Plunge Beach Resort!

Plunge Beach Resort Wedding and Beach Reception

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Your Plunge Beach Resort Wedding and Reception!

Gay Weddings in South Florida

Gay Beach Weddings in South Florida

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South Florida Gay Beach Weddings

Our dream for equality in love has finally come true in Florida.  As of January 6th, 2015, anyone can get married in the state of Florida. We are thrilled to be finally able to offer this service to our same sex couples. We would love the opportunity to create the most magical gay beach wedding for you!

So let’s celebrate!!! Let us provide you with the perfect beach wedding ceremony to commemorate your love for one another. Showing your love for each other should not wait, it should be made glorious for all and there could not be a better place than on the beautiful beaches of South Florida. From Fort Lauderdale to the Palm Beaches to the Treasure Coast, we will create the perfect beach gay beach wedding ceremony for you.

Whether you would like a traditional elegant beach ceremony or perhaps something more lighthearted, fun and untraditional, let Wedding Bells and SeaShells help make your day magnificent.  You can dress in formal wedding attire or jump off the beaten path and create your own stylish and unique ceremony!  Design your wedding from any of Wedding Bells and SeaShell’s packages or from our Build Your Options.  And if there is something else you desire, just let us know, we will make it happen for you.

Congratulations. Now, let’s celebrate!


boca raton beach wedding

Boca Raton Beach Wedding

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Jordan and Justin’s Boca Raton Beach Wedding!

Jordan and Justin’s beach wedding was held at Red Reef Park on a lovely spring afternoon in sunny South Florida.  The beautiful ceremony was held at the pavilion that sits atop a dune canopied by seagrapes and palm trees.  It was an intimate and private setting with stunning views of the beach and the strikingly blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  Their Seaside Blooms package was customized with a Sunflower and Wild Flower Aisle, to accent the beautiful purple sashes that decorated the chairs.  Jordan decide to include extra flowers to line the boardwalk and ceremony deck to add that extra touch.  Adding music to their package allowed them to have their fist dance as couple in the gazebo.  They also choose to customize their Boca Raton beach wedding by adding  a Cake Ceremony and Lemonade Table.

We were so honored to be a part of Jordan and Justin’s Boca Raton Beach Wedding, we wish you both all the best!

boca raton beach wedding

boca raton beach wedding

boca raton beach wedding

boca raton beach wedding

Six Fabulous Reasons to Elope in Florida

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Six Fabulous Reasons to Elope in Florida 

I love elopements!  Don’t get me wrong; a traditional wedding ceremony is beautiful and fun with all the flare and embellishments. Florida elopements are special. Elopements are romantic and deeply intimate. I get all teary-eyed with the love, passion, and devotion shared at an elopement. Here are my top six fabulous reasons to elope in Florida!

1). Save Money!!

Cha-ching! An average wedding in the United States costs $28,000 causing many couples to go into debt before they even begin their life together.  There’s got to be another way.  Small weddings or elopements offer the ability to splurge a little and celebrate this momentous occasion without breaking the bank.  Wedding Bells and Sea Shells most simple and sincere package begins at $699. You can personalize and customize your wedding with our build-your-own-package to build a beautiful and romantic beach wedding!

2). Stress Free

Big weddings can stress people out. Why start your marriage with a stress-out Bride or Groom?  Who wants to marry Bridezilla anyway? Keep it simple. Have as much fun as you can! Those are the keys to a successful wedding and life-long marriage.  Our motto is “Relax…we’ll take care of everything!”  By eloping, you book your flight, pick a hotel, bring the rings, and join us on the beach!  It is all taken care of for you.

3). Family Drama

Ain’t nobody got time for that! Have a family member that wants to plan your entire wedding (without you)? Or come from a divorced family and a gathering would just be awkward. Cultural differences, life-style choices, etc.  Elope! Take the drama out of the most romantic and special time in your life. Have a fabulous party when you get back home.  Can’t leave mom and dad behind? No problem. Have a very small intimate wedding. We can help you plan every last detail so there is no stress and no drama!!

4).  Get Married Quickly!

Let’s get on with it! Are you so in love the idea of waiting a whole year to plan a wedding is torturous? Weddings take months to plan. Some venues are booked almost two years in advance. We understand that once you found the love of your life and decided to spend the rest of your lives together the wait is excruciating.

Is your loved one being deployed or moving?  With an elopement, you can make one phone call or email to Wedding Bells and Sea Shells and your wedding is planned! It is that simple.  For out of state residents, you do need to obtain a marriage license here in Florida. We can tell you how to do that! For in-state residents, we do have a 3-day waiting period, and we can walk you through that as well!

5). Smarter the Second Time Around

Is this your or your partner’s second marriage? An elopement or intimate small wedding is perfect for a second marriage.  We often find with our brides and grooms getting married for the second time, that they want the ceremony to reflect their love and respect for each other.  It is easy to get distracted with booking a photo booth, picking out linens, and debating seating charts, but with an elopement you are able to focus on your one true love.

6).  Intimate & Romantic

Wedding Bells and Sea Shells understands the beauty and specialness of having an intimate wedding between two people.  A secret wedding creates a unique and close bond that only those that have experienced it will understand. You may choose to invite your closest and most trusted best friend or parents to expand this bond too.  Our professional photographers will capture this special moment in time for your memories and for all those back home. We’ll even include a cute “just eloped” sign to make it official.

It is easy to see why Florida Elopements with Wedding Bells and Sea Shells stand out as more romantic, intimate, and personal than the over the top week long celebrations you see these days!!  Eloping is about a love so strong between two people.

Visit www.weddingbellsandseashells.com for more information.



Pre-Cruise Beach Wedding

Fort Lauderdale Pre-Cruise Beach Wedding Is The Better Choice

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Looking to sail away for your I Do’s and get a jumpstart on your honeymoon?

Before you book your on board cruise ship wedding,  take a moment to evaluate your options. We believe having a Fort Lauderdale pre-cruise beach wedding is the better choice.

Every couple wants their wedding day to be perfect, hassle, worry free, and simply amazing.  Which is why we wanted to compare our elegantly simple beach wedding packages to to those that the cruise lines offer.  We’ve heard so many times that brides wish they would have known what the cruise ship wedding really entailed.

Although there are some advantages to getting married on the ship, the obvious being the convenience of being aboard the ship for both your ceremony and your honeymoon; there are many more advantages to planning your wedding with us, in a romantic and picturesque wedding on the sandy beaches of Fort Lauderdale.

The greatest advantage that we can offer is simply the location.  Choose from any one of our packages and or even create your own ceremony, and have your wedding on the soft sands of Fort Lauderdale or Miami Beach, not in a stuffy room on the boat.

Most cruise ships do not have chapels on board, so the cruise wedding is conducted inside a dark lounge or theater on board the ship.  Not what most people would consider a romantic setting for your destination beach wedding (Spoiler Alert: when they show you the picture of the bride and groom on the bow of the boat, be sure to ask where the ceremony took place).

Wedding Bells and SeaShells will create a beautiful and personalized ceremony for you on the beach, steps away from the beautiful ocean.  Included in our packages are the officiant, bouquets, decor of your choosing,  and we provide you with all of breathtaking photographs for you to keep.  Cruise ships cannot offer you the same beautiful environment, at a reasonable price for what Wedding Bells and SeaShells can do for you.  We encourage you to ask the cruise lines how much they charge for a photographer, to see the quality of their work, and ask how many images will be included in the cost of the wedding package.

Having been on several cruises, one thing we can guarantee is that along with the base price for the cruise line wedding package, there will be additional charges for every little request.   The best way to know for sure is to call and compare for yourself.  Compare what cruise ships offer to the personal attention and flexibility that comes with our pre-cruise weddings.

It really is simple.  If you compare the cost difference between what the cruise lines offer in their wedding packages as to what we can offer you.  Your pre-cruise beach wedding with Wedding Bells and SeaShells would be the more economical choice and receive the most bang for your buck.  For the price of their packages, our pre cruise wedding packages would likely cover an extra hotel room, a romantic dinner, a night on the town, or even a intracoastal cruise.  Along with helping you plan your destination pre-cruise beach wedding, we can also assist with everything else there is to offer throughout South Florida.

We strive to make the wedding planning process simple and enjoyable even from afar,  so you are able to enjoy the moment and this engagement time. Before you book your wedding on a cruise ship, consider Wedding Bells and SeaShells for your romantic pre-cruise beach wedding.  We would love to be a part of your special day.  Take a moment to visit our website or give us a call.  Let us create a simple and elegant pre-cruise beach wedding for you today.

Pre-Cruise Beach Wedding

Pre-Cruise Beach Weddings in Fort Lauderdale

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Beautiful Pre-Cruise Beach Weddings in Fort Lauderdale ~

Cruises have long been popular with honeymooners looking for a romantic getaway after the wedding. But, are you looking forward to your honeymoon so much you barely have time to plan the wedding? Wedding Bells and SeaShells plans pre-cruise beach weddings in Fort Lauderdale. We specialize in arranging every detail for your beach wedding before your honeymoon cruise. Savvy brides and grooms plan pre-cruise weddings on one of South Florida’s romantic beaches to have the best of both.

Are you paying for your own wedding celebration? By combining the marriage ceremony and honeymoon in one trip, you can save yourself a lot of time, stress, and money concerns that take away from the momentous occasion.

Eloping is a stress free way to start the most romantic vacation of your life. But what if you can’t say no to the parents and grandparents? Have a simple and personalized beach wedding in Fort Lauderdale. Your guests can stay and enjoy the beautiful sunshine, participate in the wedding activities, and you’ll sail away on your fabulous honeymoon cruise after your I’Do’s.

Of course, there are other useful reasons for having a pre-cruise wedding. Non-Florida residents and couples from foreign countries can get a Florida marriage license quickly and easily. Fly in one or two days early to get your license in person, have a beautiful and romantic beach wedding, and say “Bon Voyage” as you set sail from Port Everglades on your honeymoon at sea.

Wedding Bells and SeaShells excels at coordinating beach weddings before your cruise, often on a tight schedule. We take care of all the details from the bouquet, to the beach permit, professional wedding photos, and a beautiful ceremony setting personalized to fit your style. Pre-cruise weddings are affordable and memorable. Call us today so we can start planning your beautiful beach wedding before your honeymoon cruise. Bon Voyage!

Second Marriage; Barefoot Beach Wedding; South Florida

Second Chance At Love

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Second Chance at Love. Your Second Marriage.

In love and ready to say I do, but this isn’t your first nuptial? There are many reasons that first loves do not last. After a blissful first 5, 10, even 20 years some people tend to grow apart. And guess what? You’re not alone. The number of second marriages is on the rise.

A new beginning offers you the opportunity to fall in love and start a new family.  After all the second time around is different.  You are a little bit older. Hopefully a little more wise.  And have a little more life experience in this next relationship.  With courage, optimism, and faith by your side… you are ready to fit two lives into one.

“Life always offers you a second chance; It’s called tomorrow” ~proverb

So take it!  After all…this is your second chance at life, love, and happiness.  Many brides and grooms want a simple, more romantic and personal wedding to celebrate their new beginning.  A romantic barefoot beach wedding on shore of South Florida is perfect choice. From Fort Lauderdale to Pompano Beach or Delray Beach to Jupiter, escape to paradise and start your new life with a destination beach wedding.

During your wedding ceremony, take time to really solidify this new beginning and blending of two lives with a sand ceremony.  The grains of sand come together in this symbolic ritual and it is clear, they can never be separated again. If you are blending two families, we have special ways to involve your children in this ceremony and make this day very special for them too.  Only Wedding Bells and SeaShells pays this close attention to personalizing your ceremony so it is a reflection of you, your new family, and your second chance at true love.


Vow Renewal

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What do you do to celebrate the love of the partner of your dreams?

You were already blessed with a perfect match, but how do you continuously celebrate your life together? Reaffirming wedding vows is the most romantic way to declare to the world that your love is strong and lasting. Vow renewals are the perfect way to revel in a significant anniversary, renew the bonds of a joined family, or revive the strength of a relationship.

Whether you are looking for an intimate renewal or a more family-oriented renewal ceremony, Florida’s pristine beaches offer the perfect location. The Wedding Bells and SeaShells packages offer a variety of options to make your vowel renewal as special as your loving and lasting relationship has become.  Wedding Bells and SeaShells looks forward to helping you plan your vowel renewal ceremony on any one of our spectacular Florida beach locations.

This is a time for you and your loved one to reflect on the milestones of your relationship and to plan the path that lies ahead of you. Renewing your vows will help you and your partner how lucky you are to have found one another and reaffirm the love that binds you together.