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Jetty Park Wedding

Your Perfect Jetty Park Wedding on the Beach

Have you ever priced how much a wedding would be on a cruise ship?  If not, DON’T, you won’t like what you see.  Because the cruise ship pricing can be as high or higher than an oceanfront resort.  Instead, you can have your wedding and reception right there on the beach at Jetty Park and avoid the crazy cruise ship prices.  And, this beach is so close to the port, you can practically walk to your cruise from Jetty Park.  We can even help arrange transportation for you to get from your wedding on the beach right to the port.  Just ask and we shall deliver! Let’s get started planning your Port Canaveral Beach Wedding and Jetty Park Wedding on the Beach Today!

Jetty Park’s wide beach is just perfect for an intimate small wedding ceremony or a large gathering of all of your family and friends.  Along with that,  you can have your reception right there as well.  Is there anything more perfect than saying your I do’s on the beach and then walking right up to your friends and guests at your reception?  

port canaveral and jetty park wedding reception

Let Us Plan Your Port Canaveral Wedding

Let Wedding Bells and Seashells help plan your Jetty Park wedding and reception all right on the beach.  Then you can take off on an amazing cruise for your honeymoon.  Or, you can bring along all of your friends and family and make this truly a memorable wedding vacation for everyone.  So, all of your family and friends can join you on the boat and you can continue the celebration throughout the entire cruise.

Jetty Park at Port Canaveral Wedding Reception

Not only can you have your dream Jetty Park beach wedding but you can also plan an amazing reception as well.  Port Canaveral has so many options to choose from in planning a reception. 

If a laid-back beachy vibe is what you want for your reception, a rooftop deck on the Jetty Park Pier is the perfect spot.  Plan on your and your guests hanging out on the roof eating, drinking, and dancing the night away after your Jetty Park Beach Wedding. 

The Best Resort for Your Port Canaveral and Jetty Park Beach Wedding

Just to the south of Jetty Park is the best resort throughout Port Canaveral, the Holiday Inn Club Vacations Cape Canaveral Beach Resort.  Perfect for kids, families, or larger groups, it’s a tropical fun zone for everyone. With a phenomenal beach and all the amenities of an oceanfront resort; great restaurant, bars, a super fun pool, a game room, and a movie theater, it really has it all.

Along with the Holiday Inn Club, there are other great hotels and resorts just a little bit to the south along Cocoa Beach.  So, if you need any help at all finding a great resort to stay at or for your reception, just let us know.  We can absolutely help you find the perfect beach and venue for you!

If you would prefer a more formal affair, then we can help you plan your reception at the Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral.  With ballrooms on the top floors, this amazing venue has it all.  With panoramic views of the jetty and water, and watching the ships sail out to sea, it truly is the perfect waterfront location for a wedding and reception.  And, you can still have your wedding on the beach, as the Exploration Tower is just a short drive or a little walk from Jetty Park.

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