12:46 AM   07/24/21

Pompano Beach Wedding

Jessica and Tony’s Pompano Beach Wedding


Though the clouds tried to interfere with Jessica and Tony’s special Pompano Beach wedding day, they did not succeed.  The beautiful couple had their wedding ceremony on Pompano Beach, on September 6th,  in front of the Fort Lauderdale Marriott Pompano Beach Resort and Spa.  With extra wide sands, the subtle sea grass blowing in the wind, and the crashing of the waves upon the shore, Jessica and Tony had their ceremony with stunning views of Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse peeking through their Arbor.

Jessica chose the Dark Wooden Arbor with Champagne Organza and highlighted with a delicate floral arrangement, centered with a most elegant chandelier.  Their style is both beachy and vintage chic and it turned out absolutely stunning.  Jessica also chose a beautiful Rose and Lily bouquet, with white lilies and pink roses, that truly accented, in a most elegant fashion, both her dress and the colors of the arbor.  She could not have chosen a more perfect color scheme for her wedding day, her colors were so beautiful set against the sky and the ocean, it truly was magical.

It was an honor to be a part of Jessica and Tony’s Pompano Beach wedding, we loved their style, their radiance, and inspiring love for one another. Thank you for choosing Wedding Bells and SeaShells, we truly wish the two of the best, with many, many years of love and laughter.


We wish you both all the best!

Picture Credit: Mike Rice Photography

Picture Your I-Do’s in your Pompano Beach Wedding

Imagine your special Pompano Beach Wedding day with whimsical pictures by the pier or on the beach overlooking beautiful Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse, your soulmate by your side, and not a cloud in the sky. Can you almost feel the warm ocean breeze now? Plan your I-Do’s in Pompano Beach located along Florida’s Gold Coast.  Named for the gold treasures once found off this coastline, North of Fort Lauderdale and South of Deerfield Beach.

This town is family friendly and easy on the wallet. But don’t think you’ll be shortchanged on the views.

This magnificent beach boasts a long and wide stretch of sand with a beautiful pier at the end.  The pier is a great prop for photos both on the beach and on the pier itself.  The beach front park has a rare find in South Florida– a beachside garden– perfect for before and after photos of the Bride or Groom. The green grass, tall palm trees, tropical ocean hues, and white sands are beautiful colors to highlight your magical moment. There is plenty of parking at this beach and easily accessible and recently remodeled restrooms.  If you have guests that have trouble walking long distances, you should consider this beautiful beach.

Planning a Dinner or Reception after your Pompano Beach Wedding?

There is now an amazing new restaurant open on Pompano Beach that is the perfect place for an oceanfront event.  If you are interested in planning a celebratory dinner after your Pompano Beach Wedding, you have got to check out the Beach House Pompano.  You will not be disappointed, the place is amazing! 

Contact Us for more information in planning your dinner or reception!

And, the hotel costs are also a little bit cheaper in Pompano Beach than in other areas in South Florida, simply because it is a little off the beaten path…or A1A in this case.  Wedding Bells and SeaShells can share the need to know details like this to ensure you pick the place that is right for you and your guests.


Hillsboro Lighthouse for a Pompano Beach wedding


If you are seeking a South Florida treasure, Pompano Beach might the place you have been searching for all along.