12:25 PM   04/23/21

Vero Beach Wedding

Another Small Town Coastal Gem

Your Vero Beach Wedding Awaits!

The City of Vero Beach is another one of Florida’s small little beach towns.  With a laid back vibe, Vero Beach is the perfect getaway for the more mature beach wedding seeker.  For Veor Beach is sometimes known for being a quiet retreat for people looking to retire to the beach. This reputation holds well that the beaches are not going to be filled with loud beach goers disturbing the environment.  The beaches are pristine and are always the perfect private setting for intimate beach weddings. 

                               Tranquil beauty for your Vero Beach Wedding

Along with many miles of beach, there are some super nice hotel options where you can also host your beach wedding and reception.  One of our favorites is the Costa d’Este Resort and Spa.  This wonderful resort is owned by Emilio and Gloria Estefan and brings a little flair of the Art Deco style of Miami Beach.  However, it still holds a small town charm.  With excellent amenities and phenomenal service and staff, it is truly a gem and is the perfect location for a Vero Beach Wedding.  Not only can you have your wedding on the beach at the Costa d’Este but they also have a ballroom where you can have your reception as well.  The amazing event staff at the resort can make your Vero Beach Wedding dreams come true!

Along with the beach, there are other options for wedding in the Vero Beach area.  Perhaps you would prefer to have your wedding in a local park or garden.  We can do that for you too.  Maybe you would prefer a more rustic country theme.  We can do that for you too. 

Just let us know what you would like to do for your Vero Beach Wedding and we can make it a reality.

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