Basic Day of Coordinator Package

It’s not just the basics, it’s the details!

As we have mentioned, it is nearly essential to make sure you have a trusted professional to oversee your ceremony and your reception.  That is why hiring an experienced Wedding Planner or our Basic Day of Coordinator is so important for your wedding day.  Our Basic Day of Coordinator services is an add-on only with one of our wedding packages.  This service can not be used as a stand-alone Coordinator.  As, we put a lot of time into the planning and executing of every last detail, so trust us, it’s worth it!

Yes, you can always have someone you know help you out.  But, there can be conflict and those that do help, are also guests and will want to enjoy the festivities and may not be paying attention to the little things.  And, it’s all of those little things, all of those little details, when they come together that make the night perfect.

That is where our Basic Day of Coordinator Package comes into play.  Having one of our experienced coordinators look after your reception or celebratory dinner, will completely take all the worries away.  You will be in great hands to ensure that your vision is executed exactly as you planned.

Here are the details of our Basic Day of Coordinator Package

Create final wedding day timeline (ceremony & reception) **based on times client provides to the coordinator

Follow up w/ vendors week of the wedding to provide a timeline and address questions/concerns.

Liaison during the event for all vendors.

Ensure correct layout of wedding and reception, according to your design (provided everything is put together and     ready to go)

Coordinate and florist, caterer, photographer, videographer, officiant, Atlas rental, baker, bartender DJ, etc.

4-6 hours of Day of Coordinator services throughout the reception or celebratory dinner event.

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