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How do you pick the best South Florida Reception Venue that is right for you?

There are just so many things to consider when trying to pick the right venue for your wedding and possibly your reception as well.  With such a massive population density and such a large land area covering all of South Florida, there are dozens and dozens of reception venues to choose from.  From beach to barn, from coast to country, and from budget-friendly to extravagant, South Florida has it all.

Where to start when thinking of the type of South Florida Reception Venue that is right for you!

You have to start somewhere.  This is why you should begin with what it is your want to do. What is it about your reception that you value the most?  Is it the location?  Is the food?  Is it music and dancing?  Everyone is different so that is where you should start.  A lot of South Florida Reception Venues will have similar characteristics when it comes to hours of operation, and quality of food is it on the water, or in a barn.  All of these are questions for you to come up with the answers to being your search.

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Does it always come back to the money?

Well, not always, but yeah, in most cases it sure does.  Obviously, not everyone can have the type of wedding ceremonies and receptions that we see on social media.  Wish we all could but that’s just not the way it is.  So, you work hard for your money and want to get the absolute most for your money.  But, finding the right place that fits your budget can be a tricky and time-consuming process.  Do you really want to call all over South Florida asking questions, leaving voicemails, playing phone tag, and then having to sift through all the different options?  It is a mess to deal with and quite a time-consuming process.

Let us help you through this.  Our team of experienced professional wedding planners, with decades of experience throughout the wedding industry, can help pair you with the best options.

A little bit of advice when thinking about all the options for South Florida Reception Venues, do not get fooled by social media. If it looks big and extravagant, it is.  And that comes at a price.  Being realistic does not have to sacrifice for quality.

A Little Coordination Goes A Long Way

With our decades of experience, we cannot express the importance of hiring a Wedding Coordinator for your wedding and reception.  Yes, it is an additional expense, and perhaps you did not budget for it.  And, yes, there are plenty of couples that have great support systems and family members willing to step in to help.  Whether you do have that or not, having a Coordinator alleviates so much pressure for you and then for everyone else as well.  Please hire a trusted professional to look after everything on your behalf.  Have someone there to make sure that all vendors and all aspects of the ceremony and reception are coordinated properly.  This is just another aspect where we can help in the choosing of your South Florida Reception Venues.

Weighing Your Options…

You are going to want to also work out what is the most important and best usage of your budget.  Do you want higher quality food and allocate less for the bar package?  Or, less budget on food and beverage and hire a band or know DJ?  Pick a more expensive venue for a location or choose a secondary option and allocate for better food and beverage or music.  Weigh all of your options together when designing your plan.  

It’s a Lot, a Whole Lot, Let Us Help!

There’s a reason the wedding industry generates billions of dollars of business every year.  There is a whole lot that goes into all aspects of weddings and receptions.  Don’t try and do it all yourself, let us help take the stress away and make it easier for you.  Contact Us today and let us help you find the perfect South Florida Reception Venues!

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