Florida Beach House Wedding and Reception

Enjoy a Private, Luxurious Beach Wedding – on a Budget!

Ever wish you could stay in a luxurious oceanfront home and have a private beach wedding?  Do you want to get married on the beach and then walk over to your beach house to celebrate? Well, now you can! With so many homes built along the ocean shore, there are plenty of options for you to choose from for your Florida Beach House Wedding and Reception. 

Our team of professional planners has done weddings from Cape Canaveral down through the Florida Keys.  We have been up and down the East Coast of Florida and can help you find a private beach home where you can have your wedding. As we have done beach house weddings and receptions throughout the state, we can help you find the perfect match for you.

The key is deciding which area suits you best, as the towns and beaches are very different from Cocoa Beach to South Beach.  Finding the best area for your Florida Beach House Wedding and Reception all depends on your vision of your big day.  You can keep it simple and relish in the natural beauty of the beach. Or, you can go big, lavish, and extravagant and make your wedding and affair for the ages. It all depends on you, your budget, and your style.

Private Beach House Wedding & Reception in South Florida

Why have a beach house wedding?

  1. Convenience: Probably the biggest advantage is the convenience of being able to walk right out of the house to your wedding.  As many brides will tell you, it is always the easiest of processes to get everything ready on such a big day.  From the hair and makeup, dealing with all your family and friends, and putting on the dress. It really can be a hassle.  So, staying in the beach house to get ready makes it just so easy for brides and grooms alike. Many homes are large enough that you can be in the same home but still be kept apart.
  2. All-inclusive, and save costs on lodging: Another one of the best aspects of choosing to rent a house on the beach for your wedding, is having everything you need all in one place.  So, it is like combining the wedding location, the hotel, and the reception venue all together.  When you look at it this way, the cost of some luxurious homes may not seem so spectacular.  Especially if you want to spend time with your family and make it a destination vacation as well.  As many homes are large enough to house multiple groups or families.  So, the cost of renting the home can be offset by sharing the time with your closest friends and family.
  3. Completely Customizable: If you stay in a beach house, you have total control over your ceremony and reception. Want something small, simple, and romantic? There is no minimum for your guest list. Would you prefer a larger soiree with the whole family? We can make that happen too. Check out our Build your own package tool to customize your ceremony.

Where can your find these houses for a wedding and Reception?

Since there are so many miles of coastline, there are homes available all over the state. We can help you find homes that are private beaches, so your wedding will have the feel of a private island. There are homes in Cocoa Beach and Melbourne down to Vero Beach

One of our favorites is Hutchinson Island.  This pristine coastal island has not yet been overrun with development.  So, there are large stretches of beach where you will not see a single building.  Within this area, there are several amazing homes that are just perfect for a Florida Beach House Wedding and Reception.  If you are interested in more inform check this website of plenty of options for beach houses for your big day, Beach Houses in Paradise.  (PSST, tell them Wedding Bells and SeaShells sent you).

Check out Kelly & Jamie’s ceremony and reception to get inspired.

And, of course there are lots of options throughout South Florida as well.  

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