Florida Beach Wedding Ceremonies

Unique Florida Beach Wedding Ceremonies

Each “Wedding Bells and Seashells Wedding” ceremony is customized to fit the needs of the couple.  With our beach wedding package options, each wedding ceremony is different, from the vows, music, and decor…down to the guests’ attire!  We offer unique beach wedding ceremonies, vow renewals, and commitment ceremonies.

Choose what is best for you!

We offer you the stress-free ability to have us handle all the little details to planning your big day.  Whether you want to elope with just the two of you, a simple Micro Beach Wedding, or a ballroom with everyone you know.  We can help you with it all.  Not only do we plan everything for your ceremony but we can also help you with your Reception as well.  Check out our links and if you have any questions at all, Contact Us today and let us help you get started.

Feeling creative? Write your own.

We offer several wedding vows including traditional, Message in a Bottle, as well as ring vows to choose from.  or add that personal touch and write your own.

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Children can be included throughout the ceremony as well as your guests, whether you have 2 or 200.  It will be a memorable day for everyone involved.

Each of the couples are given a packet of several vows/ring vows to choose from. The bride and groom are welcome to add/delete any words to customize for their needs. They do not have to use the same vow/ring vow—it’s very common for us to get separate envelopes/e-mails so the other will be surprised on their wedding day! The vows are either repeated after the officiant or they are given in the form of a scroll to be read by the Bride and/or Groom.  We call this second option “message in a bottle” vows.

Go traditional or add beach-themed accents.

Some couples have a traditional wedding party. Instead of flower girls on the beach, we have “seashell girls” tossing seashells from a basket along the beach… the ring bearer carries a treasure chest to hold the rings.

After the ring vows is when the Unity Heart of Glass sand ceremony is done. Some couples ask the Mothers to get the sand; it’s then given to the bride and groom.  This part of the ceremony demonstrates the joining of the two families into one new unite.

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Children from previous relationships can be included in the ceremony – this part of the ceremony is called “Family Promises”. Some couples opt to bring a gift to present to the child/children during the ceremony (ring, bracelet, necklace, etc.) Children are also involved in other parts of the ceremony as well……after all it is an important day for them too!

You can also include other family members or friends in any of our beach wedding package ceremonies. They can lead in prayer, read a poem, or sing, whatever you want!

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