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Port Canaveral Beach Wedding!

Port Canaveral is most famous for its obvious association with NASA and is now perhaps mostly known for its port.  As the headquarters for NASA and all of the launches just to the north at the Kennedy Space Center, this little gem of a town has so much to offer.  There has been such a revitalization of the coastal community over the last ten or so years.  Perhaps, one of the best aspects of this change has been the increase in tourism with the expansion of the port.  The increase in rocket launches with NASA’s partnering with SpaceX and Blue Origin has contributed as well.  And, the building of some great resorts all along the beach.  Now, this is an amazing location for Port Canaveral Beach Wedding!

The absolute best beach for a private intimate beach wedding in Port Canaveral is Jetty Park.  It is amazing! White sands and great privacy make this location absolutely perfect for a Port Canaveral Beach Wedding.  This great little park, right on the inlet, is also an amazing location to watch the cruise ships set sail or enjoy a nice afternoon on the beach while watching the rockets launch from Kennedy Space Center.  

Port Canaveral - Cocoa Beach Wedding

The Best Resort for Your Port Canaveral Beach Wedding

Just to the south of Jetty Park is the best resort throughout Port Canaveral, the Holiday Inn Club Vacations Cape Canaveral Beach Resort.  Perfect for kids, families, or larger groups, it’s a tropical fun zone for everyone. With a phenomenal beach and all the amenities of an oceanfront resort; great restaurant, bars, a super fun pool, a game room, and a movie theater, it really has it all.

Along with the Holiday Inn Club, there are other great hotels and resorts just a little bit to the south along Cocoa Beach.  So, if you need any help at all finding a great resort to stay at or for your reception, just let us know.  We can absolutely help you find the perfect beach and venue for you!

Pre-Cruise Beach Wedding

Have you considered wanting to say your I Do’s on a cruise?  Sounds amazing and I’m sure it is, most of the time.  But, there are some serious disadvantages that it’s just not for everyone.  Mainly, the price.  Cruise weddings can be very very pricey.  If you don’t mind, then great.  But not everyone wants to spend thousands of dollars to have their ceremony in a cruise ship discotheque that was transformed into a chapel.  If that seems odd, well, yes it sure is but that’s what they commonly do.  And the prices are not cheap.

So, the best alternative is to plan your Port Canaveral Beach Wedding and then board your cruise and sail away.  Whether it’s just the two of you on your honeymoon or a vacation getaway for everyone invited. It is super simple, very convenient, and much more economical.

Port Canaveral Beach Wedding and Disney Vacation?

That’s right folks!  Yes, you can have a beach wedding and still be less than an hour from Disney Springs and the entire Disney World area. So, you could literally have your dream beach wedding and a Disney vacation all in one.  Or, even have your beach wedding and then jump aboard the Wish on a magical Disney Cruise. WOW!!!



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