Affordable Beachfront Weddings

However, there is a major misconception about the cost of weddings in Florida, especially in South Florida.  For, it is possible to have an affordable beachfront wedding on the beautiful beaches of Florida!  What if you’re on a budget? Don’t worry, there are still plenty of ways to have an affordable beach wedding in Fort Lauderdale. Here are a few tips:

Get married on the public beach. 

You don’t need a permit to get married on Fort Lauderdale Beach, but you do on most other beaches.  So you can save a lot of money by having your ceremony on the public sand. 

Are the beaches too crowded for a wedding?  

Not it you’re an expert, like our team, and know the best locations for a private, intimate setting.  We know the beaches through and through and can absolutely find a beautiful private setting for your beach wedding.

Keep your guest list small. 

The more guests you have, the more expensive your wedding will be. So if you’re on a budget, consider inviting only your closest friends and family.

Choose a simple custom wedding package.

There are many wedding planners but not all of them give you the ability to customize and stylize your wedding package like Wedding Bells and SeaShells.  We will work with you to create stunning beachfront wedding packages that are just what you want.  These packages can include everything from the officiant to the photographer to the flowers and so much more.

Skip the traditional reception.

A traditional reception can be very expensive. But if you’re on a budget, there are other options available. Why not have a mini reception on the beach, check out our options, and let’s create a custom wedding and reception package.  Or, there are plenty of options to consider for budget receptions that are super close to the beach as well.  

Romantic Beachfront Wedding on Fort Lauderdale Beach

Here are a few more tips for an Affordable Beachfront Wedding:
  • Get married during the off-season. Weddings during the peak season (December to April) tend to be more expensive. So if you’re flexible with your dates, consider getting married during the shoulder season (May to June and September to November) or even the off-season (July and August). 
  • Have your wedding on a weekday. Weddings on weekends are typically more expensive than weddings on weekdays. So if you can, consider getting married on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

With a little planning, it’s possible to have a beautiful affordable beachfront wedding. So don’t let your budget stop you from having the wedding of your dreams. 

Miami Beach Wedding or Elopement Package

So, what are you waiting for, reach and let’s get started planning your big day!