Budget Wedding in Miami

Do you want to get married on the beach in Miami, Florida?

Worried about where to begin or what to do?

No need to worry anymore, we are here to help plan your Budget Wedding in Miami!

Having a budget wedding in Miami, Florida is definitely possible with some careful planning and smart decision-making.  Yes, Miami Beach is known for being a wild party destination for people from around the globe.  But there is so much more to it.  Yes, Miami Beach is known for being very crowded and congested.  But that is not always true.  We know the ins and outs of South Beach and Miami Beach.  Our team of expert wedding planners can guide and help you with planning a private, picturesque beautiful beach wedding on Miami Beach.  And, it won’t cost you a fortune.  We can absolutely help you plan a stress-free Budget Wedding in Miami.

Beautiful budget wedding in Miami

Is Miami Beach Too Crowded for a Beach Wedding?

The reputation that Miami Beach, especially South Beach is crazy is true, but there are other areas that are super close by that are not like this.  Yes, South Beach is known to be frequented by younger beachgoers and be very crowded.  With the number of people and the many many festivals and events, this is not the best area.  But, there are two great options that you can get around to still have a budget wedding in Miami, especially on the beach.

There are several resorts in the South Beach area that do allow beach weddings.  However, these may not be the most budget-friendly.  Though amazing and beautiful, you do pay a premium for resorts, on the beach, that are in the heart of or close to South Beach.

The next best option is to plan your wedding in the Mid Beach area.  It is a short drive and there are some amazing resorts and beaches.  This is the closest you can get to South Beach but yet still have a private intimate setting for your wedding.  You may not believe but it’s true.  Just minutes away from South Beach, you can have a private budget wedding in Miami Beach.  Don’t believe me…… take a look:


Here’s a step-by-step plan to help you have a budget wedding in Miami.

Our team of experienced Wedding Planners can help guide you threw every aspect of planning the budget-friendly Miami Beach wedding.

  1. Set a realistic budget.  Plan and determine what is most important to you.  How should you allocate and use your funds for all aspects that you want to include, such as; venue, flowers, photography, videography, and reception?  This is the first step to determine what you can do.
  2. If you can schedule the wedding in the off-season, then you will save money.  Opting for a weekday or Friday or Sunday will definitely be better than a Saturday, at least on your bank account.
  3. Manage your Guest List: make sure you are being careful about inviting the people that are most important.  this will lower the costs for catering, seating, dinners, and invitations.
  4. Choose an affordable venue.  The beach is the most affordable budget wedding in Miami Beach option. You can also check out various parks as well.  Saving your money for the reception and not spending on room rentals is huge.
  5. Simplify the things that don’t mean much to you.  If you are a foodie and don’t drink alcohol, spend more on food.  If you enjoy the celebration more than the food, then spend your money on the fun stuff and choose cheaper food options.
  6. Budget-friendly photography and videography.  You do not have to spend all your money on the most prestigious photographers on Instagram.  There are SO many talented artists that are available and will save you tons of money.
  7. Carefully choose your attire.  Not everyone cares to spend thousands of dollars on a dress and alterations.  Choose stylistic and budget-friendly options.  You can save a lot of money here.
  8. Create and prioritize what matters most.  This will absolutely help you carefully plan how to allocate your money to what matters most to you.
  9. Remember, this day is about the two of you.  And unless the persons that are telling you what to do the most are cutting the check, it’s up to you.  Even if you are getting help from family, this day is all about you. Don’t let the planning stress you out and make you resent your Mother in Law, haha.  It’s about the two of you and should reflect that.  It’s Your Day!


We are here to help Guide and Plan your budget wedding in Miami!