Dog Friendly Beach Wedding

Looking for the best way to include your loved ones?

We got the answer for you! Let’s plan your Florida Dog-Friendly Beach Wedding! When getting married, you want to include your loved ones, all of them.  So, it seems like a no-brainer that you should also be able to bring your fur babies as well. Not every beach allows dogs to be on the beach but we have the best options for you to be able to include them for your Florida Dog-Friendly beach wedding!

Florida dog friendly beach wedding

As dog lovers, we know how important and special it is to be able to include your little fur babies in your wedding ceremony.  It may not be the easiest for a destination event but if you are local to Florida, or must travel with your babies, then we can help you plan all the little details of your Florida Dog Friendly Beach Wedding.

Everyone knows the emotions and the excitement that such a big occasion brings.  So, why should we humans be so selfish and not share these moments with some of our most special loved ones?  As any dog lover would know, the pure enjoyment and excitement that they bring to our lives is immeasurable.  So, why not let your fur babies join you for your Florida Dog Friendly Beach Wedding? 

Depending on whether or not you dress your fur baby up for the occasion, they will absolutely love the beach.  They almost always do.  There are very few dogs, especially if they live in Florida, that do not love love love the beach.  Almost too much, so be careful if you put a tuxedo or dress on your baby, it may get wet.  

Beautiful Florida dog friendly beach wedding


Unfortunately, not every beach is so kind as to allow dogs onto the beach.  However, there are some throughout South Florida that do.  And, we know of them all.  So, when you are ready to take the big step and plan your big day, with your beloved pets, we can help you find the perfect beach.

So, let’s get started planning your Florida Dog Friendly Beach Wedding!