Key Largo Sunset Beach Wedding

Ever Dream of a Key Largo Sunset Beach Wedding?

Key Largo is the perfect destination for your tropical sunset beach wedding, and you can bring the entire family along. The Keys are known as one of the best vacation destinations in all of the United States.  People travel from all over the world to visit the tranquility and beauty of The Keys.  Couples especially flock to The Keys and Key Largo, especially for weddings.  You, too, can have it all as well.  Let’s start planning your Key Largo Sunset Wedding today!

Key Largo is renowned for being a tropical island getaway minutes from mainland Florida.  The perfect island retreat for all things on the water.  There is much to do on the water for people of all ages.  For the kids, younger children, or pretty much anyone at all, you can take a glass bottom boat tour of the reefs, rent a pontoon, swim with the dolphins, or hang out and swim in the pools and ocean at any number of beautiful hotels and resorts along the island.  For the more adventurous, charter a fishing boat for a half or full day, or even at night for the swordfish, rent a boat and venture throughout the bay, or even parasail.  There literally is something for everyone, which makes the island the perfect destination for a Key Largo beach wedding!  

Numerous locations would provide the perfect Key Largo beach wedding.  And they are locations to fit everyone’s budget.  From small gatherings to large parties, there are plenty of options to choose.  From simple elopements to extravagant arbors and aisles, we can make any of it happen for your sunset wedding.   We can definitely help you find the right place for your perfect Key Largo beach wedding.  From the smaller boutique tropical resorts to the large resorts, Key Largo definitely has plenty of options to choose from.

So, send us an email and give us some info on your vision of the perfect Key Largo and we will help get you all the information you need.



Key Largo beach wedding at Key Largo Lighthouse
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