Rooftop Wedding Reception

Rooftop Wedding Reception Overlooking the Ocean

Ever think you can have a rooftop reception for your beach wedding?

If you have ever dreamed of having your wedding on the beach with a Rooftop Wedding Reception right on the water as well, now you can.  We have several locations that are just perfect for a laid-back event. All of which can be yours at various venues throughout South Florida.  So, let’s start planning your Rooftop Wedding Reception Today!

What is so amazing about this opportunity? You can have a fantastic event but not have to pay ballroom pricing. Here is your chance.  And, with your beach wedding and a rooftop reception, you can have it all.  Just think, having your cocktail hour, on the roof, overlooking the beach.  You and your friends can dance the night away right on the beach.  You can literally have it all with your Fort Lauderdale Beach wedding and reception!

Oceanic Pompano Beach Wedding Bells and SeaShells


Perhaps the best part is that you and your guests can all stay at the hotel, walk out to the beach, and have your wedding and receptions there.  Especially if you are having a destination wedding.  The convenience of having everything all in one place is just so easy and nice.  You and your guests will be able to spend tons of time together preparing for your wedding and reception.  

Make your Beach Wedding & Reception a vacation destination!

What makes this arrangement so perfect is that your beach wedding and rooftop reception can literally be an all-in-one vacation experience.  Having the beach in your front yard provides so much fun for you and your guests.  Along with everything else that beautiful South Florida has to offer.  The shopping, the restaurants, the nightlife, and of course, everything to do with the beach and ocean.

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