Six Fabulous Reasons to Elope in Florida

Six Fabulous Reasons to Elope in Florida 

I love elopements!  Don’t get me wrong; a traditional wedding ceremony is beautiful and fun with all the flair and embellishments. Florida elopements are special. Elopements are romantic and deeply intimate. I get all teary-eyed with the love, passion, and devotion shared at an elopement. Here are my top six fabulous reasons to elope in Florida!

1) Save Money!!

Cha-ching! An average wedding in the United States costs $28,000, causing many couples to go in to debt before they even begin their life together.  There’s got to be another way.  Small weddings or elopements offer the ability to splurge a little and celebrate this momentous occasion without breaking the bank.  Wedding Bells and SeaShells most simple and sincere package begins at $899. You can personalize and customize your wedding with our build-your-own-package to build a beautiful and romantic ceremony.  Just another fabulous Reason to Elope in Florida!

Six Fabulous Reasons to Elope in Florida2) Stress-Free

Big weddings can stress people out. Why start your marriage with a stress-out Bride or Groom?  Who wants to marry Bridezilla anyway? Keep it simple. Have as much fun as you can! Those are the keys to a successful wedding and life-long marriage.  Our motto is “Relax…we’ll take care of everything!”  By eloping, you book your flight, pick a hotel, bring the rings, and join us on the beach!  It is all taken care of for you.

3) Family Drama

Ain’t nobody got time for that! Have a family member that wants to plan your entire wedding (without you)? Or, come from a divorced family, a gathering would just be awkward. Cultural differences, lifestyle choices, etc.  Elope! Take the drama out of the most romantic and special time in your life. Have a fabulous party when you get back home. Can’t leave mom and dad behind? No problem. Have a very small intimate wedding. We can help you plan every last detail. So, avoid the drama, just another o the Six Fabulous Reasons to Elope in Florida!

4) Get Married Quickly!

Let’s get on with it! Are you so in love that waiting a whole year to plan a wedding is torturous? Weddings take months to plan. Some venues are booked almost two years in advance. We understand that once you found the love of your life and decide to spend the rest of your lives together, the wait is excruciating.

Is your loved one being deployed or moving?  With an elopement, you can make one phone call or email to Wedding Bells and Sea Shells, and your wedding is planned! It is that simple.  For out-of-state residents, you do need to obtain a marriage license here in Florida. We can tell you how to do that! For in-state residents, we do have a 3-day waiting period, and we can walk you through that as well!

5) Smarter the Second Time Around

Is this your or your partner’s second marriage? An elopement or intimate small wedding is perfect for a second marriage.  We often find that our brides and grooms get married for the second time that they want the ceremony to reflect their love and respect for each other.  It is easy to get distracted with booking a photo booth, picking out linens, and debating seating charts, but with an elopement, you are able to focus on your one true love.

6) Intimate & Romantic

Wedding Bells and Sea Shells understand the beauty and specialness of having an intimate wedding between two people.  A secret wedding creates a unique and close bond that only those that have experienced it will understand. You may choose to invite your closest, and most trusted best friend or parents to expand this bond too.  Our professional photographers will capture this special moment in time for your memories and for all those back home. We’ll even include a cute “just eloped” sign to make it official.

It is easy to see why all of the Six Fabulous Reasons to Elope in Florida with Wedding Bells and Sea Shells stand out as more romantic, intimate, and personal.  It’s way better than the over-the-top week-long celebrations you see these days!!  Eloping is about a love so strong between two people.

There you have it, Six Fabulous Reasons to Elope in Florida!
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