Two Brides or Two Grooms

Two Brides or Two Grooms, Love is Love!

Declare your love to one another for a lifetime of happiness on one of Florida’s amazing beaches. Gay marriage is now finally legal in all states, and why, oh why, did it have to take so long for it to be?  Well, that should not matter, but we know it does. We are at least moving in the right direction, step by step.  So, as we firmly believe, there is no definition of what love is to someone. Love has no color, no shape, and no exact form. Love has no defined idea.  Love is whatever you want your love to be.  So, if you are Two Brides or Two Grooms, let’s celebrate your love for one another.

When you want to commit to your partner, do you move to one of these states? While this is not an option for many, why not head to Florida and declare your love in a commitment ceremony? Love is blind and knows no boundaries. Plan a commitment ceremony on one of our pristine beaches and pay tribute to your love for one another through a romantic beach commitment ceremony.

Two Brides, Two Grooms!  Let’s Plan Your Wedding Today!

Elope to Florida and commit to your partner during a sunset commitment ceremony. You can be barefoot as the tide washes in, and you are making your dream come true with a romantic, intimate ceremony. Or we can plan a lavish affair with an officiant, photographer, musician, flowers, and beautifully decorated arbors.  Marriage is and should be available for everyone. No one should have the right to tell us and you who we are to love.  No one should have the right to tell us how we should think about ourselves,

We want to make your love and commitment to your partner as special as you envision.
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