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Wedding Bells and SeaShells’ Guide to Florida Beach Wedding Information

As we all know, planning a wedding is no easy task.  Our Florida Beach Wedding Information is here to help! Obviously, the size and scope of your wedding plans affect the time and commitment needed to look after the little details.  It is no easy task!  Yes, smaller events are not nearly as difficult and do not have all the moving parts as larger ones.  But, whether you are inviting just immediate family, some family, friends, or everyone you and your fiance know under the sun, there are still lots of moving parts that require a lot of time and attention, which is where we fit right in.  Our experience and expertise can take the stress away.  We can put all the little things together, so you don’t have to worry about them.  We will plan all those details so you do not have to dedicate your days and nights to emails and phones.  So, check out Floria Beach Wedding Information Guide, and let’s help you on your big day!

Where to Begin?

Let’s first start with the main parts:

When do you want it? Trying to pinpoint the date and venues should come first.  There are high and low points of the season and expect to pay more during the high points.  This goes without saying for just about anywhere.

Where do you want the ceremony and reception? Make a list of your preferred venues for your ceremony and the reception.  If you want to have your ceremony at a religious institution, check their schedules first, you may have to work around them to start.  Same if there is a specific venue you want for your reception.  Check with them first and see what the available dates are.

High season in South Florida is our cooler months.  So, if you are looking at venues, there is a good chance that you will have to pay more during that time of year.  Flexibility on your date may work to your advantage.  If you can be flexible and work around some dates, that may help you save some money.  

If you want an outdoor or beach ceremony, you have lots of flexibility.  The cooler months of the year are much better in Florida; less chance of rain is the most obvious.  But it also means that prices are higher, and typically there are more people around as the snowbirds have made their annual migration to our beloved state.  If you are flexible and can do a late spring or early summer ceremony, you might save some money and also have the outdoor/beach wedding and avoid the high chance of rain.  

Next would be picking the location or beach.  This can be very tricky, as some beach areas are very popular and have people all around at all times.  Wanting your ceremony in the heart of South Beach or Fort Lauderdale Beach in the middle of Spring Break would not be wise.  Knowing a company that knows the beaches and the most private spots best for intimate weddings is the way to go!

What is your vision? This can be tricky.  It is best to look for a company with a design and style that won’t break the bank and fits your vision.  Finding one company that can do it all for you would be the best scenario.  Many wedding planners and coordinators are great at what they do, but they would have to rent and outsource all of the decorations.  We have it all.  Our planners and coordinators work as part of our design team to customize your wedding style the way you want.  You don’t have to piece it together; we have already done that for you!  Check out our Signature Packages, and I’m sure you will find a style that fits your vision.  If not, let us know, and we can do it for you!

For more information, Contact Us; if you have any questions at all, we are here to help!

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