Luxury Miami Beach Wedding

Luxury Miami Beach Wedding

Have you ever considered getting married at one of Miami Beach and South Beach’s luxury beach resorts but never thought you could?  Well, you should never say never, as we can help make it happen for you.  Maybe you need to get away from the cold and escape to South Beach for a small private elopement.  Maybe you live in South Florida and just always wanted to get married at an iconic venue on South Beach.  Yes, and Yes, you too can have Luxury Miami Beach Wedding!

There is so much that so many of Miami Beach and South Beach’s amazing resorts have to offer.  Plan your wedding and your honeymoon all in one stay.  Relaxing at the beautiful pool or dining oceanside at the poolside lounge, or having your food delivered to you on the beach, it is the perfect way to chill and relax. 

Beautiful Luxury Miami Beach Wedding

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Intimate private settings for saying your I Do’s

There are so many options for small intimate Luxury Miami Beach Weddings.  Obviously, the first and best option is to have a small private ceremony on the beautiful beach at the resort.  However, the resorts may want to charge you site fees.  These fees can easily be hundreds and hundreds of dollars. And this is on top of the cost of the Permit from the City of Miami Beach.  However, it is possible to get around this.  That is where our team of experts can help.  We can make it much less expensive but you can still stay and play at any of the amazing resorts along the beach.    What is most amazing is the privacy on some of the beach accesses along South Beach.  There are actually nice little stretches of beach that are not covered in cabanas and beach chairs.  Surprisingly, you can actually have a super private setting for a beautiful Luxury Miami Beach Wedding.

Miami Beach and South Beach Wedding

Amazing views for saying your I Do’s


Along with the beautiful beach, you also have the option of having a small wedding on any one of the oceanfront suites with balconies overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  The perfect setting with an amazing view.  Even better, contact us for more information about having a private event in a suite to celebrate your wonderful wedding!


The best part of a Luxury Miami Beach Wedding is . . .

And probably the absolute best aspect of having a small intimate Beach Wedding is that we can save you money for having a beach wedding on Miami Beach, sometimes at the resort or sometimes at a nearby location.  This will allow you plenty of more flexibility to plan a small reception either at the resort you are staying in or at any number of the restaurants and venues that are along Miami Beach and South Beach.  

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