Fort Pierce Wedding Reception

Everything you need to plan your Destination Fort Piece Wedding and Reception!

From beachfront to barn, there are absolutely wonderful options for a Fort Pierce Wedding Reception! Let’s take a look at some options and see what we can find for you. There is so much to love about the small-town coastal feel of Fort Pierce.  Like many other small towns along the coast, there are not a ton of options for wedding venues, but there are some great ones nonetheless.  

We specialize in creating beautiful beach weddings, literally, all-inclusive events where we provide anything and everything you would need for a romantic beach wedding.  The beaches in the Fort Pierce area are some of the most private and pristine beaches left throughout South Florida.  Very few beaches left are not overly developed, lined with condos and resorts, and beachgoers everywhere.  Fort Pierce has that.  It is perfect for private romantic beach weddings.  Along with some great venues, there are several private beach homes that can also be used as well.   And, some great options, just minutes from the beach, are perfect for your destination, Fort Pierce Wedding and Reception!

Private wedding reception in Vero Beach

So, let’s check out some great options for your Fort Pierce Wedding Reception!

As stated earlier, from beach to barn, Fort Pierce has it all.  Let’s start along the coast, and then we’ll explore some options inland that private great rustic elegance for country barn-style events.

Let’s Check out Some Barn/Country Venues for your Vero Beach Wedding Reception!

Barn Style Wedding Ceremony

Even though the beaches and the coast garner so much attention, please do not overlook the many great options for County or Barn Style weddings and receptions.  Vero Beach has several wonderful venues that are absolutely perfect for such events.  Even if you are not going with the county style or vibe, most of these venues are so versatile that you can style and decorate them with your vision!  And as always, that is what we are here to do for you. Is to take away the pressure and help you build your dream Barn Style Vero Beach Wedding Reception!

Check out these options, and let us know what you think!

Whatever the style or vibe you want for your wedding reception, know that we can help you with every step of the process.  Whether its beach or barn, big or small, our team of professional, experienced planners and designers can help you with anything you need for your most special day.  

All you have to do is reach out, and let’s get started!


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