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West Palm Beach Receptions

Amazing West Palm Beach Receptions

From downtown rooftops to the waterfront, from private homes to the big ol’ ballrooms, we can definitely find your West Palm Beach Receptions venue for you!

There are plenty of great reception venues throughout West Palm Beach.  The charm of the area, especially in Rosemary Square and throughout the downtown district, there are some wonderful venue options.  And surprisingly enough, there are some very nice and affordable options that you might not think would exist so close to the island of Palm Beach.

It seems every year, new businesses are moving into and expanding the scope and landscape of trendy, upbeat venues in the downtown area.  With two new rooftop restaurants, that have private dining sections perfect for wedding receptions, there are some amazing locations.  These two hot spots have amazing views of the downtown area and the Intracoastal overlooking Palm Beach island.  For more information on either of these locations, do not hesitate to reach out to us today! 

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Our Recommended Reception Locations

Our favorite location for West Palm Beach Receptions is the West Palm Beach Lake Pavilion.  Located right on Flagler Drive and overlooking the Intracoastal and Palm Beach, it is just perfect.  Large open outdoor space and an inside big enough for a good-sized reception, it has it all.  It is also on Flagler Park and E.R. Bradleys is right there too.  What makes this location especially great, is that you can have your ceremony either at the end of the dock or right there on the water and walk right up to the Lakeside Pavilion, it is just perfect.

If you would prefer something a bit grander, perhaps you should check out the Harriet Himmel Theater located at Rosemary Square.  It is almost like stepping back in time. This 125-year-old historic site has been a staple of the arts and theater in West Palm Beach for many many years.  And, it is magnificent for private events, especially wedding receptions.  The pictures and the setting are truly gorgeous here and worth every penny.