Wedding Planning and Coordination

Perhaps the most important aspect of the wedding process is the glue that keeps it all together!

Let Us Guide you Through Wedding Planning and Coordination!

It doesn’t matter if your wedding is for just the two of you, a micro wedding, or an event with as many of your friends and family as possible.  it is a lot!  How do you find the time to do the research, read the reviews, send the emails, make the calls, review the contracts, create the timeline, maintain correspondence, plan the details, and then ensure that it all comes together on the big day!  You don’t have to, let us do the Wedding Planning and Coordination for you!

Having the ability to work alongside a trusted, experienced, and professional wedding planner takes the stress away.

Our wedding packages all include our wedding planning services.  As we have simplified the process to take the time and pressure away from you.  However, you don’t have to pick just from the options we offer.  You can go as big or as simple as you want.  Our team can make your dream and vision a reality.  We have worked with clients in creating beautiful intimate settings for one of the most important days of their lives.  

Dream Big and Let Us Guide You Through the Wedding Planning and Coordination Process

The Wedding Planning and Coordination process is the most involved aspect of putting it all together.  Not only for the ceremony but the reception as well.  With all the moving parts of the reception, it is vital to ensure that all the different vendors know what to do and when.  Our team of Wedding Planner and Coordinators will ensure that they do.  We will work for you to make sure that everyone knows exactly what they are to do for your ceremony and reception.

Our tiered packages make our Reception Coordination Services simple yet comprehensive.  We can be there to make sure it all comes together, big or small, to make your day effortless for you.  Our Coordinators will take care of every little thing so you don’t have to.  The last thing a bride needs is to worry about the timing of the salads, when to do the toasts or dances, or where you left your purse.  That is what we do for you!  Everything and anything to make sure you don’t have to.

To get started, Contact Us today, let’s chat about your big day!

As always, do your homework.  Here are some helpful links to help you better understand the importance of hiring an experienced planner.  Making sure that all of your Wedding Planning and Coordination needs are met:

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